Gobsmack Productions is an independent, high-end production company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Since 2006 Gobsmack has produced TV commercials, viral films, events and on-line content for national- and international brands such as Puma Worldwide, Ikea Worldwide, Interflora, My Travel (Spies), Coop, Suzuki, Carlsberg and Anthon Berg – just to name a few. We produce our films worldwide and chose our setting based on the creative possibilities of the location as well as on the budget available. 
Along the way, we have received many national- as well as international recognitions and awards.
We apply the skill-set required for each concept, matching the right director and team for the project.


Gobsmack constantly aims at giving the advertiser the best value for money while ensuring that creativity between the agency and the director has free flow. Our main focus is to communicate the clients message through spectacular entertainment and creating timeless commercials.

Gobsmack is headed by executive producer Christina Erritzøe, who has been working in the Danish film and advertising industry for more than a decade and has produced commercials all over the world. Also producing for Gobsmack is Emilie Brandt – educated at The National Filmschool of Denmark – with extensive experience in the feature film industry as well as the tv industry.